Rick and Morty Room Decor Ideas: Transform Your Space into an Interdimensional Haven

Rick and Morty room decor ideas are perfect for fans looking to bring the unique and vibrant universe of the beloved show into their personal spaces. We all know how Rick and Morty’s adventures span across galaxies and dimensions, offering endless inspiration for creative and out-of-this-world decor.

Transforming our rooms with Rick and Morty themes not only pays homage to our favorite interdimensional travelers but also injects our living spaces with a fun, quirky vibe that’s as entertaining as the show itself. Let’s dive into how we can make our rooms a testament to the genius of Rick and Morty, ensuring every corner reflects the show’s iconic characters and memorable moments.

Key Takeaways

  • Start with a vibrant and dynamic color palette inspired by the show, using deep blues, purples, and bright greens and yellows to set the scene for interdimensional adventures, while maintaining balance with darker tones for a more subdued look.
  • Incorporate Rick and Morty themed artwork, such as canvas prints and custom murals, to transform your space with iconic scenes and characters, choosing pieces that resonate personally and complement the room’s color scheme.
  • Get creative with wall decor by experimenting with stickers, decals, glow-in-the-dark paints, and even 3D art to add depth and excitement, making the walls a focal point of Rick and Morty inspiration.
  • Incorporate unique and funky lighting options, like LED strip lights and neon signs, to mimic the energetic and vibrant ambiance of the show, enhancing the room’s mood and theme.
  • Display collectibles and merchandise strategically around the room to share your fandom proudly, using shelves, themed display cases, and creative placements to turn these items into conversation pieces and focal points.
  • Add quirky touches with practical yet playful Rick and Morty accessories, such as throw pillows, desk decor, and unusual items like a portal gun coat rack, to sprinkle personality and whimsy throughout the space.

Choose the Right Color Palette

When diving into the world of Rick and Morty room decor, selecting the perfect color palette is crucial for capturing the essence of the show. The series is known for its vibrant and often surreal landscapes, making bold and dynamic colors a must-have in any fan’s room.

We recommend starting with a base of deep blues and purples, reminiscent of the endless universe and mysterious galaxies that Rick and Morty explore. These colors not only set the scene for interdimensional adventures but also create a calming backdrop for other decor elements.

Adding accents in bright greens and yellows brings in the iconic look of Rick’s portal gun blasts and the numerous alien creatures encountered. These pops of color can be incorporated through throw pillows, wall art, and other accessories to energize the room and inject that quintessential Rick and Morty vibe.

For those who prefer a more subdued approach, consider using the show’s darker undertones to your advantage. A palette of gray, black, and silver can reflect the more serious moments and technology-driven aspects of the series. This scheme works well with modern furniture and can be balanced with colorful lighting or neon signs to keep the room from feeling too heavy.

It’s all about finding the right balance between the chaotic adventures and the deeper, sometimes darker themes of the show. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a space that feels both exciting and comfortable, mirroring the unpredictable yet familiar nature of Rick and Morty. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

Base Colors Accent Colors
Deep blues Bright greens
Purples Yellows
Black (for a darker theme) Silver

Incorporating these colors through various decor elements allows fans to pay homage to their favorite show while maintaining a stylish and cohesive look. Whether it’s through paint, furniture, or accent pieces, the right color palette will make your Rick and Morty room truly out of this world.

Incorporate Rick and Morty Artwork

When it comes to bringing the interdimensional adventures of Rick and Morty into your room, there’s no better way than through carefully chosen artwork. The show’s unique blend of humor, sci-fi elements, and colorful animation offers a treasure trove of visuals perfect for transforming any space.

First off, consider canvas prints depicting iconic scenes or characters from the show. Whether it’s Rick’s garage-turned-laboratory or the duo facing off against otherworldly creatures, these images can serve as vibrant focal points. To select the best pieces, think about the moments in the series that resonate most with you. Do you prefer the high-octane adventures, the bizarre landscapes of alien worlds, or the closer, more personal moments between characters? Your choice of scene will set the tone for your room.

Another great option is custom wall murals. For those of us wanting to make a bold statement, a wall-sized mural of Rick’s portal opening up to an alien landscape can dramatically alter the feel of your space, making it seem as if you could step right into another dimension. Murals require more commitment than other types of decor, but the effect is unmatched in terms of immersion and visual impact.

For a subtler touch, look into framed art prints or posters of minimalist designs. These can include silhouette images of Rick and Morty, the iconic green portal, or simple yet striking representations of important symbols from the show. Grouping these smaller pieces in a gallery wall can create a sophisticated nod to the show without overwhelming the space.

In our selection process, we’re always on the lookout for pieces that not only capture the essence of Rick and Morty but also blend well with the existing color palette and theme of the room. It’s about striking the right balance between fandom and aesthetics, ensuring that each artwork adds to the overall ambiance of your personal space.

Get Creative with Wall Decor

When it comes to personalizing our spaces with Rick and Morty themes, the walls offer a universe of possibilities. By dedicating some creativity to wall decor, we’re able to transform ordinary rooms into fantastical scenes straight out of our favorite episodes. One dynamic approach involves combining various elements such as stickers, decals, and even glow-in-the-dark paints to recreate the vibrant chaos of alien planets or the eerie glow of Rick’s garage-lab.

Custom-made wall decals can serve as an interactive backdrop. Imagine peeling off a sticker to reveal another dimension or character hidden beneath. This layering effect not only adds depth to the room’s aesthetics but also brings an element of surprise and discovery, characteristics that are quintessentially Rick and Morty.

For those of us who gravitate towards subtler nods to the show, DIY wall art projects might be the perfect weekend activity. With some basic supplies and a bit of imagination, we can create abstract representations of our favorite characters or elements. Think of painting a series of portals in an array of cosmic colors or designing silhouette art featuring Rick and Morty against a starlit sky. Here’s a simple idea to get started:

  • Select a base color that matches your room’s palette.
  • Outline your design with painter’s tape.
  • Fill in with glow-in-the-dark or metallic paints for an extra-dimensional effect.

Integrating 3D wall art is another innovative way to incorporate Rick and Morty into our decor. From wall-mounted sculptures of Mr. Meeseeks’ box to 3D printed plaques of the characters, these pieces guarantee an immersive experience, making it feel as though we’ve stepped right into an episode.

By exploring these creative avenues, we’re not just decorating our rooms; we’re curating spaces that reflect our adventures and dreams, inspired by the boundless imagination of Rick and Morty.

Bring in Funky Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood of any space, and when it comes to decorating with a Rick and Morty theme, there’s no holding back on the funky and unusual. We’ve found that incorporating unique lighting fixtures can transform a room into a portal to other dimensions, just like in the show.

One great idea is to install LED strip lights around the baseboard, ceiling, or behind the TV. These can be set to change colors, mimicking the vibrant hues and energetic pulses of alien worlds or the dimensional rifts Rick creates. Plus, with smart LED strips, we can control them right from our phones, setting the color to match our mood or the episode we’re watching.

Neon signs are another fantastic way to inject that interdimensional chaos into our living spaces. Imagine a glowing “Plumbus” sign, or perhaps Rick’s iconic spaceship silhouette, lighting up the wall. These neon lights not only serve as eye-catching art pieces but also emit a soft, ambient glow that can make any room feel like it’s straight out of the multiverse.

For those of us who love DIY projects, crafting a custom lamp or light fixture can add a personal touch to the room. Using 3D printed components of Rick, Morty, or other beloved characters, we can create table lamps or ceiling fixtures that are not just lighting elements but conversation starters.

By integrating these funky lighting ideas into our Rick and Morty themed rooms, we’re doing more than just decorating. We’re creating an atmosphere that’s as dynamic and eclectic as the show itself. Exploring these creative lighting solutions helps to ensure our room isn’t just a space, but a homage to the adventures and the unbridled creativity of Rick and Morty.

Display Collectibles and Merchandise

For avid fans of Rick and Morty, displaying collectibles and merchandise isn’t just about showcasing fandom—it’s a way to infuse our living spaces with the unique and often wacky world of our favorite interdimensional travelers. From limited edition figurines to autographed memorabilia, these items become focal points that spark conversations and admiration.

Strategically Place Your Collectibles

We understand the importance of presentation. It’s not just about placing these items randomly; it’s about creating a narrative within our space. Here are some innovative ideas:

  • Shelves Dedicated to Rick and Morty: Designating specific shelves for your collectibles can turn an ordinary bookcase into a stunning showcase. Add LED lights to highlight your prized possessions.
  • Themed Display Cases: For higher-end collectibles, a themed display case can protect your items from dust while adding an elegant touch to the room. Cases with a backdrop of the galactic skyline or Rick’s workshop can enhance the visual appeal.

Incorporate Merchandise Creatively

Merchandise like plush toys, mugs, and even clothing can add color and personality to our rooms. Here’s how to creatively integrate these items:

  • Plush Toys as Throw Pillows: Use Rick and Morty plush toys as whimsical throw pillows on your bed or couch. They’re not just comfortable—they’re conversation starters.
  • Wall-Mounted Memorabilia: Hang signed posters, art prints, and even T-shirts in frames as part of your wall décor. This not only preserves them but also turns them into artwork.

Rotation Keeps It Fresh

One of the best tips we’ve discovered is to rotate collectibles regularly. Keeping the display dynamic prevents it from becoming stale and allows us to rediscover pieces we haven’t seen in a while. This rotation also gives us a chance to update the room’s theme based on new episodes or seasons, keeping our décor as lively and evolving as the show itself.

By thoughtfully displaying collectibles and merchandise, we turn our rooms into immersive experiences that echo the creativity and chaos of Rick and Morty.

Create a Multiverse Wall

When diving into the universe of Rick and Morty, the concept of a multiverse is central. We can bring this fascinating idea into our room decor by dedicating a wall to showcase the endless possibilities and worlds featured in the show. This interactive and dynamic display not only pays homage to the show’s core themes but also serves as a captivating design element in our space.

Starting with a galaxy or space-themed wallpaper can set the perfect backdrop. We can layer this with framed prints or posters of various dimensions Rick and Morty have visited. Including fan art in this collection can add a unique personal touch, showcasing interpretations of beloved episodes or scenes.

To make our multiverse wall truly stand out, we can incorporate augmented reality (AR) elements. By placing QR codes next to certain prints, we can scan them with our smartphones and watch as Rick and Morty come to life, offering us a glimpse into their adventures. This tech-savvy approach adds an interactive layer to our room, allowing us and guests to engage with the decor in an innovative way.

Adding small shelves for related collectibles or 3D printed models of characters and gadgets can enhance the multiverse theme. We can arrange these items in a way that tells a story or represents iconic moments from the series.

For a more immersive experience, we can install a sound system discreetly around the multiverse wall. Playing subtle space or interdimensional sounds at a low volume can deepen the ambiance, making the space feel like a portal to the Rick and Morty multiverse itself.

In essence, the multiverse wall is not just a decor feature; it’s a storytelling canvas that allows us to express our admiration for the show in a creative and interactive manner.

Customize Your Furniture

Moving beyond wall decor, let’s dive into how we can customize furniture to infuse our spaces with the essence of Rick and Morty. Furniture customization offers a personal touch that can make any room truly unique, mirroring the unpredictable adventures of Rick and Morty.

First off, we can start with the basics: painting. A dresser or nightstand can be transformed with vibrant colors and iconic symbols from the show. Think of painting a portal on a tabletop or the show’s logo on a chair. Using stencils can help achieve clean lines and intricate designs, ensuring the artwork is recognizable and stands out.

Upholstery is another avenue to explore. Reupholstering chairs or sofas with fabric that showcases the mesmerizing universe of Rick and Morty not only adds comfort but also acts as a striking decor element. Fabric options range from printed scenes of Rick and Morty’s adventures to more subtle references like the color schemes of different dimensions.

For a more interactive approach, we can incorporate technology. Outfitting coffee tables or desks with built-in charging stations adorned with etchings or decals of the show elevates the functionality and style of the furniture. Imagine a side table that lights up with a touch, revealing a hidden LED Plumbus outline.

Lastly, don’t overlook the power of accessories and hardware. Changing knobs or handles on drawers to custom 3D-printed designs of Mr. Meeseeks or the portal gun adds an unexpected layer of detail that fans will adore. Even small changes can have a big impact, making everyday furniture pieces conversation starters.

By customizing furniture, we’re not just decorating; we’re embedding our favorite show into the very fabric of our living spaces. Each piece becomes a testament to our creativity and love for Rick and Morty, creating an environment that’s as unique and adventurous as the show itself.

Add Quirky Touches with Rick and Morty Accessories

In our quest to transform our living spaces into a Rick and Morty-themed sanctuary, we’d be remiss not to dive into the vast world of accessories. These smaller, often overlooked items have the power to inject whimsy and personality into every corner of a room.

Starting with practical yet playful items, throw pillows and blankets featuring iconic catchphrases or characters like Mr. Meeseeks can add comfort as well as charm. They’re perfect for lounging during marathon watch sessions. Similarly, door mats with “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub” welcoming guests or a coat rack fashioned after Rick’s portal gun not only serve a function but also spark conversations.

For those of us who spend a significant amount of time at our desks, whether working, studying, or gaming, desk accessories are a subtle way to keep the Rick and Morty vibe alive. Think mouse pads with hypnotic galaxy prints, pen holders that mimic Rick’s flask, and even LED desk lamps shaped like beloved characters. These details might not be the centerpiece of a room decor, but they’re essential in creating a cohesive theme.

Moving on to the more eclectic finds, magnets and stickers featuring quotable lines or the many faces of the Smith family can decorate refrigerators, laptops, and more. For an added layer of interdimensional chaos, action figures and vinyl toys can be strategically placed to look as if they’re interacting with the room. Imagine a tiny Rick arguing with a Morty action figure on a bookshelf, or a Scary Terry lurking behind a lamp, ready to jump into dreams.

Incorporating these accessories not only showcases our fandom but also allows us to personalize our space with elements that resonate with us on a different level. They remind us that even in the mundane, there’s room for adventure and that’s something worth celebrating every day.


We’ve explored a universe of possibilities for bringing the wacky and wonderful world of Rick and Morty into our living spaces. From vibrant artwork and innovative wall decor to funky lighting and personalized furniture, there’s no shortage of ways to infuse our rooms with the spirit of interdimensional adventure. By incorporating these creative ideas, we can transform our surroundings into a dynamic homage to our favorite show. Whether it’s through displaying cherished collectibles or adding quirky accessories, each element allows us to express our fandom while creating an environment that’s as unique as the show itself. Let’s embrace the chaos and creativity of Rick and Morty in our decor, making every day an adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Rick and Morty themed decoration ideas for a room?

Rick and Morty room decor can include canvas prints, custom wall murals, framed art prints, and posters. Adding stickers, decals, and glow-in-the-dark paints can enhance the theme. Custom wall decals and DIY art projects create a unique touch, while integrating 3D wall art, such as sculptures or plaques, brings the show’s characters to life. Funky lighting options like LED strip lights, neon signs, and custom lamps add a vibrant glow to the room.

How can I incorporate Rick and Morty merchandise into my room decor?

Designate shelves for displaying Rick and Morty collectibles, use themed display cases, and creatively include merchandise like plush toys and clothing in your room. Rotating your collectibles regularly keeps the display fresh and interesting.

What is a multiverse wall, and how can I create one?

A multiverse wall is a dynamic display theme showcasing the endless worlds of Rick and Morty. Start with galaxy or space-themed wallpaper, and layer it with framed prints, posters, and fan art. Incorporate augmented reality (AR) elements with QR codes next to prints and add small shelves for collectibles. Installing a discreet sound system plays space or interdimensional sounds, creating a more immersive experience.

How can I customize furniture with a Rick and Morty theme?

Customize furniture by painting it with vibrant colors and iconic symbols from the show, reupholstering with show-themed fabric, incorporating built-in charging stations with themed decals, and replacing knobs with custom 3D-printed designs. This infuses your living space with the essence of Rick and Morty in a unique way.

Can accessories be used to enhance Rick and Morty themed decor?

Yes, accessories like throw pillows, blankets, door mats, and desk items can add whimsy and personality to a room. Use magnets, stickers, action figures, and vinyl toys featuring characters or quotes from the show to sprinkle a bit of interdimensional chaos and showcase your fandom throughout your living space.